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Cruise Control 3.0 - Cruise Set Up
Cruise Control 3.0 - OP Layout

Generate maps and custom data collection profiles for your projects.


Cruise Control - Basemap to navigate, locate or mark features with Cruise Control's OnPoint mapping tool.

Utilize GPS and offline basemaps to navigate in the field from point to point, locate and mark features, and track project status with Cruise Control's OnPoint mapping tool.


Cruise Control 3.0 - Record Tree Data, Collect Plot information and view real time project metrics.

Quickly and efficiently record tree data, collect plot specific information, and view real-time project metrics.



Output custom reports when you walk out of the forest and conduct detailed analysis of your inventory.

Cruise Control 3.0 - Plot Summary
Cruise Control 3.0 - Cruise Information

Hardware—Android-based, Highly Ruggedized, Field Tested: 

We have chosen a comprehensive selection of approved data collection devices that meet the needs of various user preferences. We offer units in form factors from phone to tablet, providing flexibility to users with varying needs and use cases. All of our units have been tested and proven to perform in the toughest and most demanding environments for all-day performance. Hardware devices are sold by Landmark Sales and invoiced at the time of purchase. 

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